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Both parties see the world a little tilted and enjoy their perspectives immensely. There is some gender bending as well. The Cancer man is nurturing and caring while the Aquarius woman provides clarity and vision. As you can see by the famous couples listed, it can be a very positive and enduring relationship. Cancer is the most protective sign while Aquarius is the boldest. Often the man is looking for an intellectual component — a cold shower as it were — which is a big relief to the Aquarius woman who is too often expected to dumb down. Her intellectual capabilities come not in terms of logic, culture or education. Rather it is her strokes of genius which come in terms of inspiration, bolts out of the blue, those shocking things Aquarians say with which there is no arguing and after which you never look at the world the same way again.

Aquarius Woman & Virgo Man Sexual, Love & Marriage Compatibility

If you’re looking for mental stimulation, fun and sexiness in one package, then this is the girl for you. Unpredictable, broadminded and often a little ‘different’ they are usually very intellectual and can be critcized as cold or distant by those who are more emotionally inclined, while being appreciated by those looking for an independent partner.

Aquarius women tend to come across as very self confident and independent in several ways:

Virgo is the Healer, and Aquarius is the Visionary, so they are both intent on bringing compassionate If you’re a Virgo woman interested in a Aquarius man, here’s all you need to know about how your signs are compatible and how you can bring him closer.

Virgo and Aquarius may not be the best ever Star Sign pairing! True, a fundamentally different approach to life — methodical, analytical and quite critical in the case of Virgo — open-minded, unconventional and perhaps a little eccentric in the case of Aquarius — can give rise to some major disagreements.

In a long-term relationship, the Aquarian’s love of freedom and variety can sit uncomfortably with Virgo’s carefully ordered schedule, while to carefree Aquarius, the Virgin’s perfectionist streak can be a huge pain in the ass. Free-thinking Aquarius can give Virgo a broader and more open-minded perspective on major social and political issues; in turn practical, hard-working Virgo can help Aquarius to translate its non-conformist ideas into concrete reality.

Since Aquarius is a logical Air sign and Virgo is ruled by Mercury the planet of intellect , their emotional responses are governed more by logic than by gut feelings. The downside, however, is that a Virgo-Aquarius relationship may be sadly lacking in warmth, spontaneity and passion. Security-conscious Virgo may complain that Aquarius is too unpredictable, too irresponsible and too unwilling to commit, while to the uninhibited Aquarian — who loves to experiment with sex — Virgo’s rather more traditional and self-conscious approach can seem a bit staid and boring.

For things to work sexually between these two, Aquarius has to be prepared to sacrifice some of its independence, while Virgo needs to loosen up a bit and learn a few new tricks! But despite this, their discussions often go nowhere because Virgo tends to be obsessed with analyzing every little detail, while Aquarius has no time for such trivialities, and would rather focus on the big picture. When faced with two contrasting choices, cautious Virgo will always opt for the safer bet, while Aquarius would rather take the road less travelled and experiment with something totally new.

As a Fixed Sign, Aquarius is far more insistent on sticking to its guns.

Your Match: Virgo Man and Aquarius Woman Love Compatibility

There is just something about her clear eyes that show her sharp mind. He only wishes that he could be more open with her. He is afraid to completely open up because she can be so critical at times. The Cancer man may not seem sensitive at first, but I assure you that behind that hard shell is a very soft soul.

Virgo and Aquarius go as well as much as a control freak and a chaos addict, a healthy meal and a junk one. Aquarius man – information and insights on the Aquarius man. Aquarius woman – information and insights on the Aquarius woman. Aquarius horoscope – daily, weekly and monthly Aquarius .

Sorry, something has gone wrong. Ok, first of all you need to understand that virgo men are very straightfoward, very critical and negative. They are not like this because they want to put you down but because thats their nature. I have to say that virgo man are categorized as harsh and cruel with words and that can be true but not in an intetional way but more about giving advice to people in a very direct and harshly thruthful way. As a partner, I dont think virgo is the right person to tell your feelings too unless you are just friends, because if you are the kind of person that dont like to hear the truthful things in a very direct way then virgo is not for you.

If you take virgos negative and thruthful comments and turn it around in your head in a positive way and accept it, then virgo is for you.

Aquarius Woman: How About Going Along With Her

Part of Body Ruled: The Virgo woman is neat and quiet, right? She can be talkative with Mercury, the planet of communication, as her ruler, but usually her personality is a bit more low-keyed than those of more fiery and airy signs. While some Virgos are neat freaks, some are so intimidated with the process that they try to look the other way.

This is because all Virgos are perfectionists.

Aquarius Man Virgo Woman Compatibility – Overview. The Aquarius man Virgo woman compatibility can be intriguing and magical for both of them. At the core of their relationship is an enormous amount of respect for each other and a similar consciousness to what is happening around them.

Aquarius is very intellectual, creative and analytical. Those born under this sign love a mental challenge and to discover the inner workings of people and things. The Water-bearer has a friendly nature, so he makes acquaintances easily. He’s also highly compassionate and has empathy for others. Add to these salient traits his great sense of humor, and it’s easy to see why he’s extremely likable.

The Water-bearer dislikes following rules made by others, so he prefers to make his own. He’s an individual who definitely marches to the beat of a different drum.

Aquarius and Virgo

Love Horoscope Virgo – Aquarius Zodiac Compatibility Know all about virgo man and aquarius woman zodiac compatibility. How compatible is a guy with Virgo zodiac sign and a girl with Aquarius sign? All about Virgo Aquarius compatibility. The compatibility level can be said to be fair between a Virgo man and Aquarius woman. But when the Aquarius woman wants to stay alone and enjoy personal space, then this may breach the confidence of Virgo man in Aquarius woman and hamper the relationship.

Aquarius Man Virgo Woman Compatibility. Tags: astrological compatibility, aquarius man, virgo woman. Keen Category: Astrology Advice. The water-bearer and the virgin make for an interesting, albeit complicated, match.

Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake This is one of the late-great combinations!! You read it first here. This pair is absolute magic following none of the usual newspaper Sun sign trivia. It will be easy for these two to court, marry, and set up housekeeping. You would almost call it love at first sight. If you are attracted to a Virgo woman, you already respect her for the many fine qualities you have noticed. She, like you, is not a game player.

She could care less what her friends are doing, what they think about her or about you for that matter. You will feel a great sense of relief as she naturally gives you the space you need. She is hardly the type to bother you with texting during the day; she undoubtedly has business of her own to take care of, or is relaxing and enjoying her own company.

You will find so much to respect in this woman. This is much to your relief because you have been fooled so often before. This is a lady worth working for. Use your innate persistence to put yourself in the path of the Aquarius man.

Daily Single’s Lovescope for Aquarius

When a Virgo man and an Aquarius woman get into a relationship their feelings can blow hot and cold. Both Virgo man and Aquarius woman are fans of everything abstract, rational and intellectual but the similarities, unfortunately, end there. Chemistry Both of you tend to be detached when it comes to love and this means you could be put off before this relationship even starts.

Aquarius is an adventurous spirit who finds Virgo old fashioned and slightly cold, and Virgo thinks Aquarius is selfish, shallow and unreachable. Since both of you have difficulty with expressing and even feeling emotion, you tend to be better off with a sign that is comfortable in this realm.

Learn why the VIrgo Woman and Aquarius Man couple rates a score of 10/10 for their compatibility in romance, passion, friendship, sex, and marriage. Also discover what attracts them.

Rate this Compatibility by clicking on the hearts: Compatibility Aquarius and Libra The Libra woman and the Aquarius man are a wonderful pair; they are almost perfect for each other. They have a lot of common personality traits such as being socialists, have a lot of energy, and cannot stand to have other people tell them how to live. The Libra woman is smart and knows what she wants in life and out of life.

She is very spontaneous and witty. This is part of what attracts the male Aquarius to her. The Libra woman is also very organized. The Aquarius man loves to help others and feels a sense of compassion to those who are suffering in some way. The Aquarius is always thinking of new ways to make products better or designing new inventions. They both share a love of people and helping their community.

The Virgo Woman

Incompatible signs are Gemini and Sagittarius. However, this doesn’t mean that Virgo can’t be compatible with these two signs. Sun sign compatibility gives us an overall glimpse into the world of astrological harmony between two individuals. However, in order to determine the compatibility between Virgo and other signs of the zodiac we need to take a deeper look. The Sun sign will tell you about your basic individual energy.

A virgo and virgo woman and caring free local dating websites a world of virgo woman is quite an aquarius love relationship. Virgo compatibility between virgo women cherish their shared intelligence. Virgo compatibility between virgo women cherish their shared intelligence.

Their natures find it very hard to support each other, they are both intellectual but in a completely different way, and they will probably ruin any chance of a good sexual relationship by overthinking everything, each of them in their own direction. They are rational when it comes to sex, and yet spontaneous? This could ruin their sex life, because Virgo is one of those people and will usually think long and hard about starting a sexual relationship.

Shy, thoughtful, sensitive Virgo will have trouble understanding their nude, weird and often too fast Aquarius partner. It is almost certain that none of them will have enough patience to build their sex life with someone so different from what they need. Although Virgo can be tough on trust, with Aquarius it is obvious even to Virgo that a lack of trust would lead nowhere.

Still, there is a great chance they will drift apart, even when their first contact is passionate and strong, because they could simply start feeling that both of them need someone different. If they want to hold on to their mutual trust, they need to keep their relationship fresh and accept each other for exactly who they are. Aquarius has no trouble dealing with Mercury, in most situations, and will most certainly like this adaptable Virgo quality. As a fixed sign, Aquarius is usually set in their ways and this can be difficult to handle for someone so willing to sacrifice their happiness, such as Virgo.