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Hudson’s Bay Blankets are hand-loomed in England using the finest wool and manufacturing techniques, blending old-fashioned craftsmanship with 21st century skill. Hudson’s Bay Blankets are distributed throughout America by Woolrich. West Bend Woolen Mills offers a full line of historical Hudson’s Bay Blankets known for keeping trappers, hunters, fur traders, and Native Americans warm since the 18th century. Native Americans and Hudson Bay traders first used wool blankets as currency in for their fine quality and warmth. Hudson’s Bay Blankets hand-loomed manufacturing process creates a wool blanket offering water resistance, softness and warmth, and bright colors unmatched by wool blankets manufactured with a machine. While Hudson Bay Blankets offer superior water resistance and durability outdoors, their plush wool construction makes them a great addition to any bedding system.

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Sunday, June 28, About the Blanket When I put up my new blog header last week I suddenly realized I had never posted about the blanket that’s in the middle of the collage. To be honest, I’m not much of a blanket knitter. There are dozens of socks and sweaters and vests to be found in my home, but not a single handknit blanket.

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Importance to Native trade[ edit ] The classic design featuring green stripe, red stripe, yellow stripe and indigo stripe on a white background In the North American fur trade , wool blankets were one of the main European items sought by native peoples in exchange for beaver pelts, buffalo robes, pemmican, moccasins, and other trade goods. They were desired because of wool’s ability to hold heat even when wet, and because they were easier to sew than bison or deer skins.

Wool cloth of one kind or another was traded as far back as the French regime in North America — , but HBC point blankets were introduced in to compete with similar blankets offered by the Montreal-based private traders. The “point” system was invented by French weavers in the mid th-century since then, as now, blankets were shrunk as part of the manufacturing process.

The word point derives from the French empointer, meaning “to make threaded stitches on cloth. Today Hudson’s Bay blankets are commonly found in point sizes of 3. Thickness and quality are the same blanket to blanket, and a larger blanket will naturally weigh more.

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Take a look at an original Hush Puppy mascot, dog portraits, and one “naughty cat” bronze. Vintage San Francisco Minneapolis, Mn – Hour Three

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He is step-father to her two children from other marriages, Robert, 11 and Ellie, Meeks made his first official modelling appearance at New York fashion week this year – no doubt, a glamorous affair proving to be a far cry from his upbringing Family man: The confession stems from the very public breakdown of his marriage to Melissa, who stayed with him during his lengthy prison stint. He is step-father to her two children from other marriages, Robert, 11 and Ellie, 16 Last week, the wife of ‘Hot Felon’ beau Melissa Meeks opened up in an interview about her husband’s infidelity before she abruptly walked offstage.

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History[ edit ] A swim suit fashion show at the Hudson’s Bay Company store in Vancouver in The origin of the Hudson’s Bay Company’s department store format can be traced to , when the company opened its first department store in Winnipeg, Manitoba, under its proper name “Hudson’s Bay Company”. That same year, all the Morgan’s stores in Ontario were converted to the “Hudson’s Bay Company” brand. The Bay further expanded its presence between and in Eastern Canada by absorbing the Simpsons department store chain, and in Western Canada by taking over many former Woodward’s outlets.

In , Hudson’s Bay Company stopped selling fur.

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The past few years have seen a tremendous increase in the number of individuals wishing to own a piece of Americana. These Pendleton collectable blankets are a combination of very old blankets circa to to unused blankets that are out of print and just a few years old. Prices of blankets are based on pattern rarity and design, colors, condition and age.

Our antique blankets are 70 to years old and in excellent condition, but may have minor honest wear consistent with their great age. We unconditionally guarantee the age and authenticity of all of our blankets, so buy with confidence and please be warned that once you start collecting it can become addictive! We often cite the two standard reference books in the antique blanket field: Both books are available upon request.

Pendleton produced a “numbered blanket” 1 to on the first production of each Legendary Collection blanket. The patch is numbered but the open edition blanket is the same except for the patch design. The “Limited Edition” blankets are numbered and limited to a set number of blankets.

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Hudson Bay has manufactured blankets since and are known best for its striped blankets in indigo, yellow, red and green as seen in the first photo above, although they do come in other colors. Native Americans prized the blankets for their ability to hold warmth even when wet and because they were easier to sew than animal skins. They traded beaver pelts, moccasins, buffalo skins and other trade goods for them.

Early 19th Century French Infantry Hanger. The typical small side arm worn by French infantry in the early part of the 19th century. This example has a solid brass hilt with a curved steel blade. it has been well used and shows some wear.

So you can hand wash your blanket in a gentle detergent like Zero or Woollite. The trick is in the drying. You must gently press or blot the water out by wrapping it in towels: Then lay it out flat to dry, preferably in the shade on your lawn. Since this is pretty awkward for most people, dry cleaning is the recommended care. With normal use your blanket ought not to need dry cleaning very often. But be sure to dry clean: If you have recently acquired a second-hand blanket, to ensure that no moth eggs infest it; or If the blanket is one of the pastel colour series General Care: Brush your blanket occasionally to raise the nap and dislodge any foreign particles which might be trapped in the fibres.

Store it in a cedar chest or closet preferred when not in use to protect it from moth damage. If you haven’t got either then wrap securely in an old bed sheet or pair of cotton pillowcases; do not store in plastic or vinyl as you risk damage from humidity. Store folded or hung from a hanger but if storing for any period of time be sure to re-fold so creases do not become permanent.

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