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Macau The strongest storm to hit parts of southern China in half a century continued to wreak havoc on Thursday, leaving 16 people dead, dozens injured and forcing tens of thousands to be evacuated from their homes. Up to 30cm of rain was expected in some parts of Guangdong and the neighbouring Guangxi province as the storm passed through. Eight people were killed in mainland China due to the storm, Chinese state broadcaster CCTV said, while another eight also died in Macau. The former Portuguese colony was swamped in water when the storm was at its peak, packing winds of up to kilometers 99 miles per hour. Mega-casinos located across the usually bustling city were struggling to start up generators on Thursday after they experienced power cuts a day earlier. The local government said many people still had no water and electricity on Thursday. Officials said people were injured in Macau, while in Hong Kong more than were hurt. Reuters Chinese media said 27, people had been moved into safe areas in China, while two million people are without power. Wu Zhifang, chief weather forecaster at Guangdong meteorological bureau, told Xinhua: The aftermath of Typhoon Hato hitting Macau Credit:

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A little mean, but makes some good points! Japanese women often teach their children to bravely fight the forces of evil, and even if they lose, it is still infinitely glorious, the highest honor. They say that God will punish them [the forces of evil]. Japanese women usually believe marrying foreigners is a kind of disgrace. Chinese women usually feel that marrying foreigners is a kind of infinite glory.

In September, he married his girlfriend, Yao Mei, also 31, as part of a campaign to hold LGBT weddings across China. Aries Liu puts a ring on Yao Mei’s finger during their wedding in Sanya, Hainan province, Sept. 14, Courtesy of Aries Liu. Yao and Liu met in while working at the same company in Foshan.

A high proportion of prostitutes are migrant workers who travel from the countryside to big cities in search of work. It is not surprising that you can find sex in Guangzhou easily. However, after the prostitution crackdown on Dongguan, Guangzhou was affected as well. Many prostitution spots have stopped offering sex service in Guangzhou for the time being. Escort Girls To some extent, the word escort is equal to prostitution. Many escort girls offer incall escort service in Guangzhou.

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The rampant sex trade in Dongguan – and other manufacturing boomtowns in south and southeast China – has long been an open secret. The operations, which in some cases involved special forces SWAT teams, continued throughout the afternoon, evening and into the night, according to the New Express newspaper. By Monday morning, 67 people had reportedly been arrested, 12 illegal venues closed and two senior police chiefs had been suspended.

A photograph published by local media showed a naked man using his hands to shield his face from the cameras, as he sat on a pink floral sheet next to a semi-clothed sex worker.

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From the airport, there is an intercity bus to Foshan, taking about 50 minutes. There’s also Foshan Shadi Airport in Foshan. However, there are only two flights to Beijing every day from Foshan Airport. By train[ edit ] There is a train station in Foshan. The station is served mostly by local trains heading west towards Guangxi and Hainan. There are only a handful of trains a day to Guangzhou 1 hour , so if you are coming in from Guangzhou it’s much more convenient to use buses or the metro.

By bus[ edit ] There are coaches that arrive in Foshan from Guangzhou every fifteen minutes. It takes approximately one hour to get there from Guangzhou. There are also buses from most other cities in Guangdong as well as a handful of longer-distance services from Nanning and Guilin. However, for most long-distance destinations it’s more convenient to travel to Guangzhou and then use the metro. From downtown Guangzhou to downtown Foshan costs approximately 5 yuan and takes around 1 hour.

Trains run every few minutes from 6am to 11pm and can be packed at the weekend when many Foshan residents head to Guangzhou to go shopping. Get around[ edit ] Since Foshan is a very dense and industrial city with very few foreign tourists, getting around can be a challenge. Fortunately, the main part of the city has many shopping centers, stores, attractions and restaurants within a 20 minute walk.

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The City of Ceramics: In the center of Shandong province, the city of Zibo was the capital of the Qi Empire for years, during which time it became famous for its ceramics and lacquered works of art it was here that China’s famous green glass was first developed some 1, years ago, as well as the region’s distinctive black glazed porcelain.

Between and , local makers also perfected the technique of coating earthenware with a brownish layer of glaze displaying tear-shaped runs, a still popular style that has cemented Zibo’s reputation for hand-made porcelain and ensured its status as China’s major producer of ceramics. Zibo’s connection to the history of ceramics is celebrated at the Zibo Chinese Ceramics Center with its large collections of locally produced artifacts and displays showing both modern and traditional manufacturing methods.

There is no subway transport between these two places. You need to go to East Bus Station from the subway station first. There are long-distance buses that can take you to Foshan Bus Station.

Foshan Tourist Guide March Introduction: Foshan is one of the few Cities in China where foreigners are a relatively common sight and have been for millennia. Foshan City will be host to a large proportion of the Asia Games Guangzhou with International standard swimming pools and sports arena’s newly built for the purpose.

Foshan is a very old city, with a history dating back more than 7, years, and written records for over 4 millennia. However, the port referred to in such maps is actually quite close physically to modern Nanhai port. There is a local rivalry here I won’t go into, so visitors should consider Foshan and Nanhai to be the same thing. Foshan City comprises the City of Foshan, and four other areas of massive proportions best described as ‘Counties’.

However, that was the view of Northern Emperors, as this area was all part of the Yue or ‘Cantonese’ Empire also. Foshan is one of only 3 cities in China that has always been ‘Open’ throughout Chinese history Kaiping and Hong Kong being the others. This openness relates not only to Trade, but also to thinking, and language Foshan people speak one of the 4 main Cantonese dialects, called “‘Ba’t wah”. The other main form of Cantonese is extremely similar, whilst Taishanese is not.

The version of Cantonese used in all modern Western phrasebooks’ is a small and insignificant dialect peculiar to rich and influential people from Hong Kong – you could consider it analogous to Queen’s English, as spoken in greater UK currently. If you veer off the beaten track and go exploring some of the warrens of back streets Quite safe , then local people may reveal their local language to you.

It is Guangzhou Cantonese, but with local quirks mainly centring around the pronunciation of vowels and greater use of scale and pitch.


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The communication was a bit difficult because of her English so we communicated through Skype. We agreed on a price for a brand new NV oxygen machine to be manufactured and delivered to Melbourne Australia. I payed upfront through direct wire transfer on the 5th Jun When the machine arrived a few weeks later I tested it and it did not work so I opened the back of the machine to see what might be the problem.

To my very surprise the machine inside was physically damaged, the parts have been rusty, thick dust was sitting on the internal parts and the main printed circuit board was 5 years old dating back to I immediately phoned the company and explained the situation.

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While from the outside it may not seem that impressive, it encloses the oldest pieces of Chinese culture — hundreds of statues of Buddha carved into the rocks of the mountain, beginning in the Sui Dynasty AD. On their way up to see the Buddha statues, visitors can also stop at various temples built on the mountainside.

While many of the temples were destroyed in the war, many still stand today and provide a spectacular sight to see.

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Prehistory[ edit ] A settlement now known as Nanwucheng was present in the area by BC. It was said to have consisted of little more than a stockade of bamboo and mud. Legendary accounts claimed the soldiers at Panyu were so vigilant that they did not remove their armor for three years. The enraged Emperor Wu launched a massive river- and sea-borne invasion: The large East Indiamen of the Canton trade used the anchorage sheltered by these four islands, but the village and island of Huangpu for which it was named make up no part of present-day Guangzhou’s Huangpu District.

Incorporated into the Han Empire , Panyu became a provincial capital. Muslims sacked the city on 30 October [n 1] [47] [48] [49] [50] and were massacred by the Chinese rebel Huang Chao in , along with the city’s Jews , Christians , [51] [52] [53] and Parsis. The region enjoyed considerable cultural and economic success in this period. From the 10th to 12th century, there are records that the large foreign communities were not exclusively male, but included ” Persian women”.


Ai Weiwei ‘most powerful artist’ 13 Oct Next comes a cyclist who wobbles slightly to avoid the dying child and then pedals on, turning his head back momentarily, as if to check he really did see a child dying in the street. As the pool of blood spreads, a third pedestrian comes by, clearly sees the bleeding girl, but steps out into the small lane to give her a wide berth.

All three could have moved the girl, later named by her parents as 2-year-old Yueyue, but none did, allowing another, larger vehicle following down the lane a few minutes later to run her over for a second time. The pictures of the incident which happened last Thursday afternoon then show a succession of other cyclists and rickshaw drivers weaving round the girl, including a woman walking with a child who on seeing Yueyue visibly quickens her step, dragging her charge after her.

It is only the nineteenth passer-by, a year-old street cleaner called Chen Xianmei, who drops her bag of rubbish and rushes to the bleeding child, attempting to scoop up her up, but finding her floppy and lifeless.

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Economy[ edit ] Liuzhou city center in Liuzhou is the second largest city in Guangxi and is the region’s industrial center. Tourism[ edit ] As with much of Guangxi, the landscape around Liuzhou is a mix of rolling hills, mountain peaks, caves and karst scenery. It is an ideal base for exploring the minority villages in the area.

Sanjiang lies to the north of Liuzhou near the Hunan border. It is a Dong minority area and is surrounded by picturesque ethnic minority villages. Transport[ edit ] Liuzhou Airport provides flights to major cities in China.

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