Aria Montgomery Aria Montgomery Lucy Hale season 1 — 7 is considered the “alternative” one of the group. She is more outgoing in fashion and what she sees as acceptable behavior. She moves back to Rosewood with her family after living in Iceland for a year. Before Alison’s death, she and Alison discovered that Aria’s father was having an affair with one of his former students, Meredith, who became his coworker at Hollis College. Alison encourages Aria to tell her mother the truth, but instead, Aria reluctantly agrees to keep her father’s secret. On top of that, she finds herself involved with her high school English teacher, Ezra Fitz, after making out with him in a pub bathroom and discovering he was her English teacher on the first day of school.

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Isabella Biedenharn June 24, at But when he got there, Mrs. D was there, planting flowers on the front porch. Definitely where Charlie was living.

As promised, last week’s episode delivered an “unexpected proposal,” with Ezra Fitz getting down on one knee and asking Aria Montgomery to spend the rest of her life with him.

Pitch Black takes great advantage of the former fact and has suppressed the latter for quite some time, but it all changes when he meets a lonely winter spirit named Jack Frost. After all, who would make a better match for the Nightmare King than a Lady of Winter? Jack x Pitch Rise of the Guardians – Rated: The people around her urge her to take a day off.

Two days and several drinks later Charlotte finds herself in Captain America’s bed. When Lucifer Morningstar is found half dead in the desert, Chloe Decker is determined to find out why. As Chloe’s world is flipped upside down by incontrovertible evidence of the divine, Lucifer grapples with feelings of violation and futility. God’s meddling has started a chain reaction, but to what end?

They bet on who can win the lieutenant’s heart first. While You Were Gone by Ara Hannan reviews How do you fit someone back into your life when you thought they were gone forever? All Tadashi knows is that he went into a burning building to help someone and that he got hurt – so how are they supposed to tell him everything else? Set after the events of the BH6 movie.

Pretty Little Liars (season 3)

No, what keeps fans hooked are the ships: Haleb, Ezria, Spoby, and Paily. Ezra and Aria Photo Credit: He then dragged her through hell when his ex-fiance he failed to mention shows up in his life, followed by an ex-girlfriend who claimed to have birthed his child.

In fact, one of the main storylines since show’s pilot has been the complicated, scandalous relationship between Aria and her English teacher, Ezra (or Mr. Fitz, to the students he’s not dating).

When a rumor about Ezra cheating on her appears to be true, Aria doesn’t know what to believe. She wants to believe her boyfriend is faithful, but what happens when the rumor looks more and more like a reality? I didn’t watch until the second season and now I regret it because I’m addicted to the show. I’ve read some of the stories and I thought they were good. I apologize in advance if the story isn’t good, but all I ask is you at least give it a chance.

Reviews are greatly encouraged so I know how you feel about the story and whether or not I’m doing okay on it. If you want more chapters posted, please leave it in a review and I will be happy to oblige.

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They turn to Jenna, finding out what Alison spoke to her about in the hospital; how she threatened Jenna with the video if she didn’t keep their secret. Hanna is confused when she is told by her mother that Caleb was going to the festival to give her a letter before he left town. Mona tries covering it up but when she is having a mysterious phone call about Hanna’s well-being, Lucas tells her she’s wrong and Hanna deserves to be happy.

Aria’s mother has a get together with all of the teachers, but Aria is shocked to see Ezra’s past love show up. Spencer is shunned when she cracks a joke about Melissa’s baby’s christening, but regrets it since the baby is just Ian’s spawn, not Ian. Jenna is shown worrying about the repercussions of the video getting out into society, and it is revealed that she is secretly dating Garret, who consoles her and promises to keep her safe.

Ezra goes home to Aria, and I think they both lie to each other, and I think I don’t especially care. The end tag is A bleep-blooping some more Aria Face because she missed a Skype call with.

Matte happens to be good friends with Ryan Silverstein , who Shay dated in Sasha Pieterse Sasha got engaged in December ! Her beau is longtime boyfriend Hudson Sheaffer, with whom she shares two adorable dogs. Hudson is an actor, stunt performer, and production assistant. A post shared by Hudson Sheaffer hudsonsheaffer27 on Dec 22, at 7: A post shared by Janel Parrish janelparrish on Nov 11, at 1: Tyler Blackburn It looks like Tyler is single these days.

If you didn’t know that he and Ashley were just work friends, you could almost imagine them as a couple — his Instagram is basically a Haleb tribute feed at this point. A post shared by Tyler Blackburn tylerjblackburn on Jan 26, at 2: It’s actually Sophie Hart. Getty As he explained to People , he prefers to keep his relationship out of the spotlight. So, yeah, that’s why I’ve kept it quiet and I really won’t say much else about it other than it’s awesome.

That’s something I definitely look for in a partner, in relationships.

You’re All I Need Chapter 1, a pretty little liars fanfic

Jaimie Etkin argues its central storyline about a student-teacher relationship—which viewers are rooting for—is a problem. And the viewership has continued to climb with more pre-teens and teens getting hooked on the mystery of a dead high school queen bee and the four friends she left behind. Their romantic relationships tend to be on the dark side, too. But whatever their scandalous relationships are, they pale in comparison to that of Aria.

In the first episode of Pretty Little Liars, Aria stops by a bar to pick up a cheeseburger and also winds up picking up someone in the process.

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He initially was portrayed as unknowingly getting involved with an underage girl, and it was bad enough when he continued dating Aria after he supposedly found out her true age. For instance, their daughter was in constant danger for years and yet they seemed blissfully unaware of the extreme stress she was under until each time things came to a head.

Actually, it was downright negligent of them to allow Aria out without a constant GPS they could monitor after her second major brush with danger. As a result, Ezra becoming a college teacher was extremely exciting for them since they believed they could be free with their love while on campus. Unfortunately, this line of thinking made absolutely no sense. As a result, many residents of a small town like Ravenswood would have ended up attending the college and some of them undoubtedly would be able to recognize Ezra and Aria.

Who’s Dating Who in the Cast of Pretty Little Liars

By Yozshukinos With her parents’ split and a crazy psycho on the loose, Ezra is the only stable thing in Aria’s life. I won’t pretend otherwise. Pretty Little Liars airs Tuesdays at 8 p. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram! Whereas most teen boys are sex-crazed, Aria and Ezra prove that young relationships can be deeper than just the physical. Then again, what can you expect of a relationship founded on fibs?

Aria and Ezra parted five years ago and Nicole’s been missing for 3 years,so they only dated for maybe 2 years (or less). Anyways, I also don’t believe that Ezra will have a hard time choosing who he wants to be with, Aria is the love of his life and I can’t wait to see them get what they’ve always wanted- .

They were in the back of a van on thier way to Jail They were driving to the cemetary in Emily’s car all together They were at Spencers house when an intruder came in and knocked them all out unconscious They were at school after school hours They were at a wedding and went outside to get fresh air when A came around the corner 11 What are some of the names of the people who work on the police force? The two major things. Her real birth mother wasn’t the mom she grew up with and she couldn’t have kids She couldn’t have kids and she killed someone while heavily drunk Her real birth mother wasn’t the mom she grew up with and she had a twin sister she never knew She had a twin brother named Felix and she was really from England with a different birth mother 13 18 Name some of the things that happened to each girl throughout the show John and he tried to kill her James and he cheated on her John and he was A Archer and he trapped her in a mental institution and impregnated her Archer and he stabbed her 15 Did Alison and Emily end up having a boy or a girl?

Lucy Hale & Ian Harding, Aria & Ezra of PLL: 5 Fast Facts

This is a blog dedicated to Ezra and Aria Fitz. And yes, that quote above is an Ezria quote. After hearing the news that Nicole is alive, Aria and Ezra have to deal with the fact that Nicole is back in Ezra’s life and what that means for them. Jan 15 26 notes Reblog Can we talk about this adorable moment? He looks so proud to be showing her off.

I love the way Ezra is always so supportive and proud of everything Aria does.

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There were once five best friends. They were a lot of things, but they were known for the easiest cliche they fit into — the athlete, the artist, the brainiac, the fashionista, and the Queen Bee. Ali the Queen Bee ruled her crew, and her crew ruled the school. And then everything changed. Ali Sasha Pieterse went missing. From that day on they became four — four women who were no longer standing by as their best friend bullied them and others.

Instead, they were four women who had to grab on to each other and fight back as someone bullied them. Advertisement For seven years of their life they were tortured by an anonymous villain who went by initials. And for the last seven years, we’ve watched it all. We rooted for one of the best representations of friendship on TV , we rooted for our favorite couples, we tried to figure out who exactly was A and Uber A and then AD, and the whole time we theorized how it would all end.

In tonight’s series finale of Pretty Little Liars we pick up a year from last week’s episode. They haven’t received a text or a doll or a creepy message of any kind this whole time. A lot has changed.


He also tells her that she has the money and that she shouldn’t keep torturing the girls. Alex tells him that it isn’t about the money and that Spencer got everything and she is close to finally being her. She then notices Ezra and calls out to him. Alex introduces Wren to Ezra while pretending to be Spencer, and even invites him to have drinks with them.

Aria’s one-night stand during a college visit gave her some sound advice—that she didn’t take, of course—about Ezra and neither of them were looking for something serious. 3. Holden.

For a while, it even looked as though viewers had been wrong to assume the show was endorsing teacher-student romance, and were in for a long-game cautionary tale about it. At The Toast last fall, Jessie Lane-Metz wrote, [T]he ongoing sexual assault of Aria Montgomery by Ezra Fitz in PLL both reinforces a narrative that blames victims, and forwards the idea of consent in situations where it is impossible for an individual to give it.

It feeds into a culture that silences survivors of abuse, lest they invite more shaming. And it romanticizes the rape of a minor by an adult exercising control over that individual. It asks viewers to see a terrible, ongoing cycle of abuse as a relationship to both envy and aspire to. Certain viewers found this hands-off approach most infuriating of all. In the context of PLL, where a seemingly creepy neighbor can come into focus as a caring boyfriend who, OK, happens to do a little bit of freelance work for the mysterious figure tormenting the Liars and your shopping buddy turns out to be a murderous psycho, it seemed premature to judge the storyline.

I figured the show, which has included moments of jarringly perceptive commentary on love and gender roles in the lives of teenage girls, would dig deeper into Aria and Ezra eventually. I even had faith that it would make a point to jar viewers out of their complacency towards such a disturbing relationship. And it did, for a few episodes. He even had a creepy cabin in the woods that he was always trying to get Aria to spend weekends visiting, with a trap door leading to a terrifying surveillance setup.

But finding out that Ezra had at least some part in the conspiracy against them would have sent him firmly into the Bad Guy camp, dispatching with any romantic ideas viewers had about him and Aria, and classifying his interest in her as unquestionably wrong. He knew who she was, and how old she was, when they met in a college bar. Aria sobs as he loses consciousness.

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