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That’s So Raven Oh, snap! Teenager Raven Baxter has a special talent: Her best friends, Eddie and Chelsea, try to help her interpret and sometimes change the future they assume she has seen. Raven wonders if she can continue to fit in with her friends or would it be easier to only have friends that share her special skill? When Eddie finds out that Raven knows the answers there is a true test of friendship.

Chelsea invites Raven on the Environmental Club’s camping trip. Raven, not enjoying the outdoors, brings along portable gadgets and a luxurious tent. This leads to an argument between Raven and Chelsea, which makes Chelsea think that she and Raven shouldn’t be friends.

Fletcher creates a doll version of Chyna. Fletcher is seen kissing a doll that was made to look like Chyna. Instead of going to Olive or another friend, Chyna goes to Fletcher to ask him a personal question. Fletcher was very excited when he thought Chyna was going to ask him out. Chyna mentions while asking him for advice, “If it were you Fletcher gets jealous when Chyna asks out Nigel.

Fletcher was so jealous of Nigel that he tried to ruin their date. When Fletcher is hacking into Nigel’s robot, he asks if Chyna would rather date him. She responds angrily saying that she maybe would. Fletcher tries to sabatoge Chyna and Nigel’s date. Fletcher calls Chyna his girl. Chyna went to the meeting to support Fletcher, meaning that she cares about him.

Fletcher was the first student in the whole cafeteria to start clapping when Chyna received her award. When Chyna is trying to open the door, he catches her in his arms.

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By that I mean it was the time when I watched Disney Channel without having the urge reach for the remote control and change the channel. Not every teen girl was a Raven—outspoken, funny or psychic—but we could all find something to love about her nevertheless. She exuded confidence when so many shows staring a teen girl focused on how timid they were all the time.

It was such a breath of fresh air! Also, while a comedy first and foremost, this show took risks and delved into issues like body image and even racism. Not a lot of Disney shows can say the same.

The show is set in San Francisco and revolves around teenager Raven Baxter, played by Raven-Symoné, her friends Eddie and Chelsea, her family members; mother Tanya Baxter father and brother Cory which is a second main character.

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In the locker hallway, Raven and Chelsea stand together as crowds of people rush by. They stop Eddie as he passes. Hey, Eddie where’s everyone going? Oh, to the cafeteria.

Raven: Why didn’t you tell me what you guys were up to? Chelsea: I don’t know, we knew if we told you, you know you’d want you to control our every move.

After a record-breaking third season, season 4 continued to carry out many firsts for Disney Channel. There would however be a continuity-error regarding the last word three episodes, since they aired after the spinoff, Cory throughout the House, premiered on January 12, with Cory and Victor transferring to Washington, D. Guest stars for this season included: While there, Raven ought to maintain mentoring an obnoxious little woman named Sydney Sydney Park.

Raven finds out that Sydney in no way knew her precise mom and father, and eventually they develop a sisterly bond. Episode 2 Pin Pals air day: She then turns into an intern for Donna Cabonna. She is enormously upset when she learns the fact. Episode 4 Unhappy Medium air day: But when Raven had a imaginative and prescient that Nicky gonna get choked by consuming the cookie, she saves her from it. She tells her on the set however plainly Raven is gonna get fired.

Episode 5 Adventures In Boss Sitting air day:

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“That’s So Raven,” the hit Disney Channel series starring Raven-Symoné, is getting a spin-off. Raven has already confirmed the news and has bid goodbye to “The View” in order to prepare.

Okay, so in this story Devon and Raven has been going out for 3 years. Devon is thinking about surprising Raven. Someone’s secret is out into the light. No one knows how it happened. Today is our 3rd year Anniversary I’m planning on proposing to Raven at her Dad’s Chill grill tonight with all her friends and family. Her mom just graduated from law school over in England. She’ll be there early at the Chill grill. Everybody knows this except for Raven. It’s going to be one hell of a surprise.

But there’s something weird going on with her. Lately, she’s been right about a lot of things and it’s kind of creepy, but yet satisfying to know. She goes off into space longer than a guy would. She has these quick excuses for every time she does it.

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Raven and Chelsea ended up falling out big time after the chinchilla fur controversy in their senior year of high school, and haven’t spoken to each other since. When Levi, Nia, and Booker discover a photograph of their moms from their good old days, the kids decide it’s time to try and bring the two old friends back together.

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