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Apple will instead focus on the underlying technology behind self-driving vehicles. The shuttle, which has never been reported before, is expected to a commercially built vehicle adapted with Apple’s autonomous driving technology. One of Apple’s fleet of self-driving test vehicles was captured emerging from a Silicon Valley research facility back in April. The kitted-out white Lexus RX h SUV was snapped by a passerby just two weeks after Apple was granted permission to test its autonomous vehicles in California Apple joins a growing list of traditional car-makers, technology companies, and small start ups to test drive cars in California. This image shows the new Cupertino campus Five people familiar with Project Titan spoke anonymously about the debates within the company’s senior staff, including Project Titan’s original head Steve Zadesky and design guru Jony Ive. Many companies have said the first cars will launch in but some experts believe it may take much longer due to regulatory challenges.

Apple Park’s new employees asked to push for more housing in Cupertino

Map of northern California counties Map of the three Californias on the Cal 3 ballot proposal Northern California California Southern California Northern California is not a formal geographic designation. Popularly, though, “Northern California” usually refers to the state’s northernmost 48 counties. Because of California’s large size and diverse geography, the state can be subdivided in other ways as well. For example, the Central Valley is a region that is distinct both culturally and topographically from coastal California, though in northern versus southern California divisions, the Sacramento Valley and most of the San Joaquin Valley are usually placed in northern California.

Extreme northern residents have felt under-represented in state government and in attempted to form a new state with southwestern Oregon to be called Jefferson , or more recently to introduce legislation to split California into two or three states. The coastal area north of the Bay Area is referred to as the North Coast , while the interior region north of Sacramento is referred by locals as the Northstate.

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Keep tabs on the competition today during Apple’s latest ‘Special Event’

O sprawling new headquarters in Cupertino, Calif. From the arrangement of electrical wiring to the finish of a hidden pipe, no aspect of the 2. But constructing a building as flawless as a hand-held device is no easy feat, according to interviews with nearly two dozen current and former workers on the project, most of whom would not be named because they signed non-disclosure agreements.

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History of Apple Inc. Founding and incorporation The birthplace of Apple Computer. Apple’s first product, the Apple I , invented by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak , was sold as an assembled circuit board and lacked basic features such as a keyboard, monitor, and case. The owner of this unit added a keyboard and wooden case. It differed from its major rivals, the TRS and Commodore PET , because of its character cell-based color graphics and open architecture. VisiCalc , a spreadsheet program.

Jobs then took over Wozniak and Raskin’s low-cost-computer project, the Macintosh. Lisa won the race in and became the first personal computer sold to the public with a GUI, but was a commercial failure due to its high price tag and limited software titles. Success with Macintosh See also: Timeline of Macintosh models The Macintosh , released in , was the first mass-market personal computer that featured an integral graphical user interface and mouse.

In , Apple launched the Macintosh, the first personal computer to be sold without a programming language. The machine’s fortunes changed with the introduction of the LaserWriter , the first PostScript laser printer to be sold at a reasonable price, and PageMaker , an early desktop publishing package. It has been suggested that the combination of these three products were responsible for the creation of the desktop publishing market.

Rather than submit to Sculley’s direction, Jobs attempted to oust him from his leadership role at Apple.

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The meeting has been described as a mere formality because council unofficially voted in favor of the 2. Apple is to pick up its official building permits today and can then get started on the demolition and excavation of the old Hewlett Packard campus — roughly 2. The first phase of construction is expected to take about two years. According to the Los Angeles Times , Apple will receive a 35 percent rather than a 50 percent refund.

Apple-certified repairs are performed by trusted experts who use genuine Apple parts. And only Apple-certified repairs are backed by Apple. Start your repair request now or .

It may not be so evident from the new photo published by Apple on Cupertino. Along with this image, Apple offers a map to better mark some key locations around the site that have been affected by the ongoing work there. The construction work hours remain unchanged — from 7 am to 7 pm weekdays and from 9 am to 6 pm weekends — while traffic restrictions will continue to occur frequently during weekdays.

Late , at the earliest When he pitched the project to the skeptical Cupertino officials in , Steve Jobs had originally planned to have the building finished by His estimates were soon proven wrong, and that included a delay on behalf of the City of Cupertino because it had to get some approvals. In fact, these things rarely pan out as originally thought.

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By Pentagon Correspondent Barbara Starr At first glance, it was the unlikeliest of potential alliances: The company of the late Steve Jobs, the epitome of leading-edge private sector innovation, meeting up with the often tradition-bound military. But last March the two organizations came together when top Army brass paid a groundbreaking visit to Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California, to talk about the use of Apple products on the battlefield.

The new iPhone 8 and iPhone X were unveiled at the Steve Jobs Theater in Apple’s new spaceship campus. – Here’s how much it costed Apple to build that massive spaceship campus in Cupertino.

But at the same time, this structure allows Apple to retain what might be called a startup mentality. Semi in , every acquisition but one has been focused on strengthening the iPhone and broader iOS platform. Apple has made a few key hires in recent years. For the last 5 years, iPhone has dominated the conversation, as have other main products like iPad and Mac.

Here, Apple is explaining slowing iPhone sales and its effort to wrest more lifetime revenue from its customers. After being dogged by delays and missing the crucial Christmas season, Apple started shipping HomePod in early as opposed to late as intended. For many companies today, every user interaction is thrown into cloud-based machine learning models to help tune products, such as for tagging photos in a photo app. Google Photos is considered to be a prime consumer-facing example of this. With the company now designing its own machine learning GPU-based hardware for the iPhone X, we could see more acquisitions in this area.

And many patents do not amount to products. But taken together, activity across hundreds of patents can reveal strategic direction and priorities. In comparison, only a small share of patents 22 have focused on artificial intelligence. But this direction was clear in retrospect when looking at patents.

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Tuesday 12 September The company says that the new phone is “the biggest leap forward since the original iPhone” and that it “will set the path of technology for the next decade”. It was released alongside the more conventional iPhone 8 , at an Apple event in California. It also confirmed that the name is pronounced “ten”, not “ex”. And you can read all the updates from the launch here.

Chief among the new features is a screen that goes all the way over the front of the phone.

It shows the front of the iPhone X at the top, which isn’t customary for Cupertino’s retail boxes. But since the iPhone X’s most striking feature is the display, Apple clearly wants it to be.

His adoptive parents were Paul Jobs and Clara Hagopian. His biological father, Abdulfattah “John” Jandali Arabic: March 15, , grew up in Homs , Syria, and was born into an Arab Muslim household. August 1, , a Catholic of Swiss and German descent, who grew up on a farm in Wisconsin. But there are a lot of Arabs in Michigan and Wisconsin. So it’s not that unusual. They were engaged ten days later and married in

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Translate Apple will soon get the official go-ahead from Cupertino city council to begin work on its 2. The city has released some new renderings of the campus via Wired , before its meeting of council Friday for a final vote on the Apple Campus 2 project. The meeting has been described as a mere formality — council unanimously voted in favor of the new campus last month. City of Cupertino image There was never much doubt that city council would support the project.

Not only will the new campus enable the iPhone maker to remain in Cupertino, it will allow Apple — the largest employer in Cupertino and the second largest technology employer in Silicon Valley — to add an additional 7, people to its payroll taking its employee numbers from 16, to 23, , a report states. According to the plans, the building will include an employee restaurant and dining facilities, a kitchen and loading dock, meeting rooms, plant rooms and engineering and testing spaces.

Take that, Cupertino! Google undercuts Apple’s subscription plan with a cheaper one of its own. By Joshua Benton @ The New York Times is digitizing more than 5 million photos dating back to the s Laura Hazard Owen. This Spanish data-driven news site thinks its work goes past publishing stories — to lobbying the government and.

See Apple’s new spaceship campus The Mothership Apple Campus 2, which was approved by city officials last month, will sit on a acre plot in the South Bay city of 60, — a site that was once home to HP and Compaq. If you’re an Apple employee who drives to work, you’ll enter the campus at a freshly constructed security point at North Wolfe Road, on the west edge of the site.

The lucky ones will quickly be diverted into a discrete, futuristic tunnel, where a subterranean service road will give them access to a two-level, 2, space parking garage underneath the mothership itself. Otherwise, you’ll have to wind your way to the south edge of the campus to the above-ground parking garage — a pair of emory board-shaped structures, clad with solar panels and foliage.

From there a walkway, flanked by two Apple Store-white staircases, will lead into the mothership itself. This massive donut of a building is the jewel of the campus. Designed by star architect Norman Foster, whose firm’s well-known works include the bullet-shaped Gherkin in London and the restored Reichstag in Berlin, the four-story ring will put 13, engineers and designers under a single curving roof.

But the spaceship is definitely the main attraction, and from what we’ve heard so far it should be no less cutting-edge than any Apple gadget. In a video Apple presented to Cupertino city officials last month, Stefan Behling, one of the Foster and Partners architects working on the project, summed the building up as “one of the most environmentally sustainable projects on this scale anywhere in the world. Natural ventilation and radiant cooling mean that the spaceship won’t need air conditioning for some 70 percent of the year.


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Apple remembers Jobs A picture of Apple Inc. co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs is featured on the front page of the website after his passing on Oct. 5,

The A12 Bionic adopts the same six-core fusion CPU architecture of its predecessor the A11 Bionic, with two performance cores that are up to 15 percent faster and four efficiency cores that are up to 50 percent more efficient. Apple also announced that Core ML — an Apple tool that helps developers integrate machine learning models into mobile apps — can run on the A12 Bionic Neural Engine with nine times the speed and one-tenth the energy consumption of the A The chipset has an eight-core ARM big.

Huawei says the dual NPU performance is almost two times higher than the Snapdragon and three times higher than the Apple A Both of the tiny chips are capable of tackling huge tasks, but how do they stack up against one another? Although directly comparing the A12 and Kirin is difficult as the chips run on different operating systems and their smartphones have not yet shipped, Synced has compiled a list of known parameters for both chips and their predecessors.

The A12 Bionic and Kirin were both realized thanks to breakthroughs in 7 nanometer transistor technology and are designed to boost deployment of maturing AI technologies on state-of-the-art smartphones.

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The iPhone 4 is non-serviceable. The iPhone 4 is strategically designed with the intent that if you damage the device, it will be economically practical to simply buy a new one rather than repair it. This is a low-blow to independent service technicians and repair shops. Companies such as iSupply who have based their entire revenue around iPhone repair will be hit the hardest.

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Yesterday, we posted about the Apple, App Store antitrust case that just went before the Supreme Court. A few more details and useful links: This case is about the ability of an App Store customer to sue Apple for antitrust violations. This case is not deciding whether or not Apple has violated any antitrust laws but, rather, whether a previously dismissed case against Apple can go forward in a lower court. If you are interested in following the case, bookmark this Oyez page. It has a nice summary of the case, some useful links and, if you check in periodically, displays the status of the case.

November 26, Written by Shawn King Apple: Research shows that women face unique challenges in technology, especially when starting and leading companies. Our goal is to help these entrepreneurs as they create the next generation of cutting-edge apps and to form a global network that encourages the pipeline and longevity of women in technology. What a great idea.

Apple Park Visitor Center in Cupertino: First Time Visit